Black Guard

A band of ex-soldiers selling their services to the highest bidder. Once they've taken a contract they fulfill it without exception. If someone under their protection is killed, their reputation demands they hunt down the perpetrator no matter the cost. For this reason alone, few will make targets of Black Guard protectees.

Members of the Black Guard appear in Night of Zealotry (Assassin Without a Name #3) and The Goddard Affair (Assassin Without a Name #4).


Once protectors of Uhl and wielders of Earth Power, druids are a long extinct hierocracy that once had much influence over all peoples across Uhl.

Druids first appeared in The Hall of the Wood and The Five Elements (The Alchemancer: Book One).


The earliest of technologists, their members came from the ranks of the druids. Not satisfied with the direction set by the hierocracy, these rebellious earth sorcerers forsake their oaths to serve the Earth and instead undertook a quest to harness Uhl's power as their own. The early advancements they made in science and technology coupled with sorcery continue to influence the thinkers of today, sometimes to the world's detriment as ancient experiments or uncontrollable inventions of theirs come to light. Ultimately, the elementalists were hunted and slain by the druids, who it is thought wanted to curtail the advancement of science and preserve their way of life above all other objectives.

Elementalists first appeared in The Five Elements (The Alchemancer: Book One).


The Jakaree, or 'Bringers of the Dark Light,' are a secretive cult of fanatics who have devoted themselves to a dark god whose identity remains shrouded in mystery. Though nomadic by necessity, they spent many years in the Freelands before settling in Alchester where they currently work their diablerie. Their leader is Onius, a powerful priest and skilled warrior. While the precise goals of the organization remain a secret, it is known that they actively seek the use of modern technology to further their ambitions. The Jakaree have been involved in a decades long war with the Warders.

Members of the Jakaree, including Onius, first appeared in Night of Zealotry (Assassin Without a Name #3). They return in Thief's Gambit (Assassin Without a Name #5).

Society for the Progression of Science and Technology

The Progressive Society, or simply the Progressives, is a public organization devoted to the promotion and advancement of technology for purposes of bettering all people's lives. Membership is exclusive and consists of multiple tiers. At the top of this hierarchy are those who founded the society. These so-called founding members hold much of the voting power, set direction for the organization, and provide the majority of the funding for the society's various projects. Those with general membership status provide sizeable contributions of their own. In return they help vet and vote upon proposals submitted for funding to the society.

These proposals—and their owners, who are scrutinized as much as the proposals themselves—are subjected to a rigorous evaluation process; only the most promising are selected for sponsorship.

The society maintains a public charter and written bylaws. Ultimate authority lies in a governing council, which is made up of six founding members, each elected by the general membership to serve a term of ten years.

The Progressive Society is first mentioned in Night of Zealotry (Assassin Without a Name #3). Their organization is dealt with in more detail in The Goddard Affair (Assassin Without a Name #4).


A secret society that exists solely to put an end to the machinations of the Jakaree.

Their ranks include:

  • Primus (Supreme Commander)
  • Imperator (Commander)
  • Arcanist (Mysteriarch)
    A Warder arcanist is a keeper of the organization's deepest secrets and mysteries. They are scholars as much as they are practitioners.
  • Compulsor (Enforcer)
    Compulsors are the strong-arms of the Warder organization. They ensure committments are fulfilled, debts paid, and tasks completed, using the threat of force (or force itself), if necessary.
  • Exactor (Soldier)

The Warders are first mentioned in Night of Zealotry (Assassin Without a Name #3) and go on to make a larger appearance in Thief's Gambit (Assassin Without a Name #5).