The Four Fiefdoms

The single, unifying currency of Darshavon has not been widely used since that kingdom's fall. As the nation splintered into four separate fiefdoms, so too did its currency, so that now each fiefdom maintains its own coinage and exchange rates. Moneylenders and merchants are never without their money scales, ready to weigh the coins handed to them, for it is weight alone, and not the precarious reputation of their fiefdoms, which dictates the true value of these precious metals.

Anolga Kallendor Seacea Vranna
gold gida crown guilda takra
silver selta denar keenar rular
copper mark florin dram tolnat


gold talen
silver preta
copper dragma

The Old Gods

Ammarom (God of the Sun, Lightbringer, Supreme God of Light)

Arkon (Mad God of Inventors and Artificers)

Kollus (The Mad God, Lord of Insanity and Unruliness)

Mettick (God of Scales, Balance, and Judgment)

Nammarom (God of the Moon, Pale God)

Sarrengrave (God of Disease, Lord of Rot)

Veesha (Goddess of the Sun and Stars)

Zemmex (God of Chance, Luck, and Gambling; Master of Thieves)