Welcome, traveler, to the World of Uhl.

You've come to a place of legends, where grandiose tales hold dominion; where a loom of imagination weaves astonishing fabrications; where wonder, fear, and, less often, triumph, are the order of the day.

The Four Fiefdoms of men. The Thanes in the Mountains where dwell the dwarves. Fabled Isia, capital city of the eslar. Haunted Shantywall. Drax-Korrum, City of Assassins. The Forbidden Island of the King. These are just some of the places of Uhl.

Its peoples are men, possessed of fortitude, intelligence, and an unrivaled desire for knowledge; eslar, a blue-black skinned people known for their taciturn nature and higher knowledge of sorcery and science; krill--cat-people--who protect their solitude by slaying any who trespass on their lands; dwarves, as dour and boisterous as you know them; and sitheri, reptilians who, as initiates, set out into the world, unable to return to their own lands until they've slain a hundred foes.

Come, share in their stories, and think the fantastic: sorcery, elemental magic, beasts without names, and places that defy imagination. Heroes you wish you were, and villains you wish you never have to meet beyond the words on a page. It is a world where alchemy and science work alongside wizardry, a world where the gods have destroyed themselves once and for all so that not even their shadows darken one's doorstep.

This is Uhl. Come visit its people, discover its lands, and read its stories.